Mainstage Production X by Alistair McDowall Directed by Jake Staley Location: SST Studio Theater, 4340 S. Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89103 (This is NOT at the Ranch; it is near the intersection of Valley View and Harmon.) February 9-March 4, 2024  Directed by APF’s Associate Artistic Director Jake Staley (Gloria; Brilliant Adventures), X blurs the narrow boundaries between reality and fantasy with a mind-bending narrative set on a desolate space station on PlutoWhen the crew of researchers loses contact with their base on Earth, the challenge to stay alive competes with the difficulty of staying saneWith its haunting atmosphere, intricate storytelling and thoughtful exploration of the nature of identity, memory and isolation, this sci-fi thriller will leave you breathless. 

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A Word from the Dramaturg

Sci-fi and horror are rare genres in theatre, and, with X, Jake Staley’s bold direction is a compliment to playwright Alistair McDowall’s script. Join us for a sometimes thrilling, sometimes terrifying ride at the edge of our solar system. One of themes of this play is – home. What does home mean to each of us? What does it feel like? And worst of all – what if it was so destroyed that going home wasn’t worth it? X takes place in a future where nothing was done to stop the climate crisis from making Earth nearly uninhabitable. As crew captain Ray bitterly remarks, “Earth is pissing its last and everyone’s just looking at their fucking shoes.” Does this sound familiar? In 2023, over 1400 scientists and academics released their 6th Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report that measures only 8 years left for humanity to turn itself around and avoid catastrophe. “We are terrified,” they wrote, “We need you. Wherever you are, become a climate advocate or activist.” X is a horror play, but honestly, it might not be the mind-bending trip that scares you the most. And uncomfortable as it might be, I hope you will sit with whatever feelings this play stirs within you, because that discomfort can give you strength. And the good news is: you are not powerless, there is still time, and most importantly… you are not alone. We can create meaningful change by coming together. In X and in life, salvation lies in each other.

Leah Flowers
9 February 2024

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