Thank you for your support

A Public Fit gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies listed below. Truly, we could not do the work of this theatre without the support of our generous and loyal funders.

With help from our Rabble Rousers, we continue to be able to throw A Public Fit and be a part of the growing arts community of Las Vegas!

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A Public Fit relies on the annual support of individuals like you to present the work of world-class writers and to support our groundbreaking theatre. For more information about how you can become involved, please contact Gabriella Giocomo, Development Associate, at


Dina Emerson & Keith Barker
Richard & Valerie Bernstein
Ken & Jenny Kucan
Elsa J. Roe

$5,000 – $9,999

Findlay Automotive
Mark Henness

$2,500 – $4,999
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Michael Sharon & David Stalder
Christy Tice

$1,000 – $2,499

Robert & Jeri Amblad
Eileen & Allen Anes
Mathew Fontana and Santana Macias Fontana
Gina Phillips
Lonnie Roy
Charlene & Dr. Geoffrey Sher
Jefferson Tidwell

$500 – $999

Arlene & Jerome L. Blut
Louis Castle
Clark County Library District
Finley Cotrone, Ph.D.
Shelley Crenweldge
Frankie Forza
Amelia Goroff
Owen Kline
Rober Laney & Jane Walsh
Margret Larsen
Carol Lommen
Daniel Marre
Darrell W. Morrow
Tim Sage
Nancy & John Shepherd
Jane Slater & Ken Rasmussen
Deborah Young

$250 – $499

Seth & Carolyn Ahlborn
Kenny & Laurie Berman
Barbara Brennan
Sharon Brewer
Stephanie Brooks
Rosemary Cunningham, M.D.
Mark Ellis
Jody R. Evans
Darin Feinstein
Christopher S. Fenton
Sharon Gainsburg Studio, Inc.
Evelyn Gajowskie
Michelle Hall-Stowers
Jonathan & Meghan Jorgenson
Jane Karadbil
Mercedes & Gwen Leonard
Scott McAdam
Mark Royce
Gerry Schooler
Eva Stowers
Tina Taylor
Judy Teske
Julie Vaccari
Beverly Waters

$75 – $249

Gabrielle Antheaume
Rick Bakir
Megan Belk
Rumi Carl
Sue Ellen Christensen
Linda D’Agostino
Lily Dang
Susan Danielewicz
Dee Drenta
Toni Fahnestock
Russel & Brenda Frank
Toni Gogert
Ann Harnik
Bradley Hoover
Joan Israel
Gordon & Lucy Jensen
Norm Kresge
Bryan & Bonnie Kuhl
J.A. Legouix
Clayton & Diana Lutes
Sandi Magowan
F. Mason
Grace Mitchell
Joan Mullaney
Mina Patel
Larry W. Plotkin
Leonard T. & Gloria L. Rice
Heidi Rider & Adriana Chavez
Laurie Rocchio
Gail Romero
Ronald & Lynn Rosenburg
Rozanne Sher
Sushas Shroff
Angie Sinclair
Janet Singleton
Kelley Smallwood
Tamara Thorp
Darren Welsh
Susan Young
Amanda Zommick