Thank you for your support

A Public Fit gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies listed below. Truly, we could not do the work of this theatre without the support of our generous and loyal funders.

With help from our Rabble Rousers, we continue to be able to throw A Public Fit and be a part of the growing arts community of Las Vegas!

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A Public Fit relies on the annual support of individuals like you to present the work of world-class writers and to support our groundbreaking theatre. For more information about how you can become involved, please contact Gabriella Giocomo, Development Associate, at



$5,000 – $9,999

Keith Barker
Nevada Arts Council
National Endowment for the Arts

$2,500 – $4,999
Robert Laney
Mark Henness
Michael Sharon

$1,000 – $2,499

Richard and Valerie Bernstein
Broadbent & Associates, Inc.
Mathew Fontana and Santana Macias Fontana
Forice Ham
Rosemari and Scott McNulty
Elsa J. Roe
Charlene Sher
David Stalder
Deborah Young
Friends of Darren Welsh

$500 – $999

Louis Castle
Phillip Cooper
Digital Blue, Inc.
Future Restaurant Group
Margaret Larsen
Darrell W. Morrow
Gina Phillips
Lonnie Roy
Tina Taylor

$250 – $499

Beauty Bar
Janice Brasher
Shelley Crenwelge
Julie Gilday
Michelle Hall
Jonathan Jorgenson
Sidra Kain
Sushma Parihk
Jane Slater and Ken Rasmussen
Eva Stowers
Law Offices of Sean M. Tanko, Ltd.
Christie Tice
Jefferson Tidwell
Julie Vaccari
Veggie House
Jane Walsh
Beverly Waters

Making A Huff
$75 – $249

Annette and Pod Jackie Aerenson
Fred Aguilar
Jonathan Allen
Sean Bates
David Beck
Megan Belk
Arlene and Jerome L. Blut
Barbara Brennan
Rumi Carl
Carol Cennamo
Steven Connolly
Finley Cotrone
Gordon and Lucy Jensen
Sharon Gainsburg
Wendy Gilmore
Andrea Goeglein
Toni Gogert
Harry Grass
Florence Hillman
Sidra Kain
Jane Karabil
Melanie Katz
Christopher Krivens
Celeste Magee
John and Dawn McClain
Thomas and Elizabeth J. McGrath
Judi Mirish
Grace Mitchell
Joan Mullaney
Larry W. Plotkin
Obie Sho Obata
Sarah O’Connell
Laurie Rocchio
Andy Rogow
Dale Rowe
Gerry Schooler
Nancy Shepherd
Rozanne Sher
Susan Somers
Tim Sperlak
Jeffrey Sturgis
Galina Vasileva
Mrs. Sonia Vermeys
Mark Walters
Martin S. Wilner, Ph.D and Linda C. Wilner
Kevin Yeanoplos
Amanda Zommick