X: Chronological Timeline of the Play


This play does not specify when it takes place, it only implies that it is the near future. In order to help the creative team make choices, we decided on a start year and then came up with a timeline of events. This page contains spoilers.

YEAR -55 – 2037
All of the animals died

YEAR -20 – 2072
The last tree fell in “South America someplace”

YEAR – 2073 – 2091
South America has become a sunken continent
Countries have dissolved their borders
Smog is ever-present as is social unrest

YEAR 0 – 2092
Gilda’s mother dies (likely from a form of dementia)
Gilda and crew leave for Pluto

YEAR 1 – 2093
After 6 months, they land on Pluto and set up the space station

YEAR 2 – 2094
After 18 months on Pluto, the team unexpectedly loses contact with Earth
Ray see lights, shadows, and movement out of the space station’s porthole

YEAR 3 – 2095
Period 1
Ray has seen a girl outside on the surface; his behavior becomes erratic
Ray tears his photographs. He kills himself, drawing an X on the wall with is blood
The crew hold Ray’s funeral. Gilda has become the Crew Captain
Period 2
Clark confirms that messages have been received on Earth for 6 months, with no response
Cole notices the clock has been glitching
Period 3
Gilda assigns Clark to clean the X off the wall
Gilda tells Mattie about listening to “organic” silence
Mattie tells Gilda that Ray said he had seen a girl out the window
Period 4
Cole is noticing jumps in the clock’s glitching
Cole steals Ray’s analogue watch from his body in the freezer

YEAR 4 – 2096
Cole tells Clarke about the glitching
The clock stops working altogether

YEAR 6 – 2098
Period 1
Gilda hallucinates Mattie arriving at the space station to rescue them
Clark and Cole argue with Gilda about the reality of the girl arriving
Period 2
Cole develops leg pain
A scan confirms he has cancer
He forgets the diagnosis several times

YEAR 8 – 2100
Gilda and Clark care for Cole until his death. They add him to the freezer
Gilda and Clark start to forget things

YEAR 11 – 2103
Gilda and Clark have forgotten everything
They fall in love
Gilda becomes pregnant
Clark dies

YEARS 12 – 13 – 2104 – 2105
Gilda gives birth alone at the space station

YEARS 16 – 32 – 2108 – 2124
Young Mattie plays hide and seek with Gilda
Gilda ages
Mattie helps Gilda to bed for the last time
Gilda tells Young Mattie the story of her grandmother (the last tree)
Gilda dies
Mattie is left alone