Remainder of the APF 2019-2020 season

To our APF friends, family and familiars:

Let’s talk about the pandemic.

Along with the rest of the world, we watched as global events encroached and slowly engulfed our everyday lives.  We struggled to accept the new vocabulary:  “social distancing,” “self-isolation,” “community spread.”  As none of these phrases are conducive to APF’s main mission in life – to unite the community with the shared experience of compelling stories and continuing conversation – it became very clear to us that business as usual at A Public Fit would necessarily be significantly altered.

So what’s happening?

In the interests of being responsible community partners and ensuring the continuing good health of our artists, staff and audiences, APF has canceled the remainder of our 2019/2020 season in its entirety.  Our final mainstage production, Sense and Sensibility, scheduled to open May 1, will instead serve as the opening production of our 2020/2021 season.  Performance dates will follow, as nothing in the current environment lends itself to making long-term plans with any degree of confidence.  The readings will be rescheduled, the Outburst will rise again, the Slapdashery will make it all up and playwrights will come together for the Tirade once a City-wide “all-clear” has been announced and we as a community can re-engage each other with our accustomed fearlessness.  By then, we’re sure we’ll all have a lot to talk about!

At A Public Fit, our aim has always been to encourage the conversation – about art, about drama, about life – sharing the stories that define ourselves and our community.  Towards that end, please feel free to reach out to any of us with any questions, concerns or comments as we all continue to navigate this new, if temporary, normal.  Joe can be reached at; Ann-Marie is; Lisa Lynn is and Gaby is  Please don’t hesitate to contact any or all of us.

Most importantly, please take the warnings accompanying this pandemic seriously.  It turns out that “social distancing,” “self-isolation,” “community spread” are more than just trendy catch-phrases; they are behaviors vital to combating the spread of this very real, very dangerous viral threat.  Stay safe, stay healthy and join us to tell the tale when we all emerge on the other side together.

Joe, Ann-Marie and the staff of A Public Fit


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