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Cat Dixon is a local artist, costume, and set stylist/designer who has been working in and out of the industry for over 20 years. While she spent much of that time working in advertising and commercial photography, she also worked for such high-profile television networks as Discovery Channel and Comedy Central. Creatively, she is known for her unique perspective and irreverence. Born in New England and raised in the Old South, she has found her true home and mostly professional self in Sin City. This journey has given her a knack for combining the classical with the surreal.   

After a late-life return to school to earn an AS in business from CSN, she went on to pursue her BA in theater design at UNLV, balancing her practical nature with her creative spirit. At UNLV, she had the opportunity to learn to see and love both scenic and costume design from a whole new angle. While at UNLV, she worked on NCT productions as a scenic designer (Blood Wedding – 2019), wardrobe/dresser for visiting productions at the Performing Arts Center (PAC), and as a stitcher and creature maker in the UNLV Costume Shop (2018-2019 Season).   

Cat now focuses exclusively on theatrical production, performance art, and wandering entertainments. She enjoys work with local non-profits when the right opportunity arises. She had the honor of designing a wandering entertainment for the Goodie Two Shoes Foundation Gala in 2020, has recently agreed to design a special piece for Sin City Sisters (Project Nunway 2021 Fundraiser), and is now excited be a part of the A Public Fit Theatre’s 2021-2022 Season! 

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