Vance Mellen

Vance Mellen is a professional live storyteller, filmmaker, video editor, artist, screenwriter, novelist, and After Effects expert. He’s been telling stories and writing films ever since he scared himself to death as a twelve-year-old at Boy Scout camp. Having grown up in Topeka, Kansas, “The Mental Health Capital of the World,” his work is steeped in extreme personal psychology. He received a BFA in filmmaking from BYU and a MFA in film direction from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He’s written numerous commissioned screenplays, produced low-budget features, and has a well-populated YouTube channel. Vance wrote the film Just Let Go, released in theaters in 2015. As a storyteller and writer, he won “Utah’s Biggest Liar” LIVE storytelling competition. Vance also loves teaching and currently serves as an adjunct instructor at UNLV.