Alan Holton

Alan Holton is a locally trained sound engineer who recently returned to Las Vegas after his adventures touring internationally as Head of Sound for Cirque du Soleil’s shows KURIOS and Amaluna. He currently works for Spiegelworld on the tech crew for Superfrico at the Cosmopolitan. Upon his return to Las Vegas, Alan also began accepting sound design gigs. He designed Majestic Repertory’s recent production of The Craft: An Unauthorized Musical Parody, makes his debut with A Public Fit on Recent Tragic Events, and will design APF’s final show of the season, Things I Know to Be True. Alan is a graduate of UNLV’s entertainment engineering program (where he once was part of a production team that valiantly lost a battle with a prop bat) and studied mechanical engineering. He enjoys original jokes about his extreme height (Yes, the weather is nice up there!) and Rally’s French fries.