Adriana Chavez

Adriana Chavez is an actor, director, performance, and visual artist. They incorporate theatre, clowning, mask making, mask performance, collage, assemblage, movement, and sculptural installation into their art practice. She is interested in nonlinear narratives that incorporate humor, the divine, the grotesque, and the absurd. They view all the work they do as a kind of poetic collage practice: with thought to rhythm, flow, spacing, pacing, emotion, and imagery. She is on a quest to find her joy, resilience, and identity through her art and performance. Her performance and visual art have been exhibited at the Bullfrog Biennale, Barrick Museum of Art, Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery, Charleston Heights Arts Center, Winchester Dondero Cultural Center, Gallery Mesa, and La Matadora in Joshua Tree. Adriana co-produced and co-directed the Las Vegas chapter of the nationwide reading of It Can’t Happen Here. She also co-created and co-curated Small Space Fest, an immersive art and performance experience that took place at the Emergency Arts Building in DTLV in 2016. In Las Vegas, she has performed with The LAB Experimental Theatre Company, Vegas Theatre Company, and Majestic Repertory Theatre. She directed The Ghosts of Lote Bravo for A Public Fit in 2019. Other select performance companies include Dell’arte Company (Blue Lake, CA), Elke Rindfleisch Dance (NYC), Jonah Bokaer (NYC), Homunculus Mask Theatre (NYC), NYC Clown Theater Festival, and Naked Empire Bouffon Company (San Francisco/Boston). From 2017-2019, they were invited to the Z Forge Artist Residency in Hudson, NY for collaborative theatrical devising. She was artist-in-residence at the Barrick Museum from 2020 to 2021. She is currently working on a solo performance project with her character, named Juan Chico: a love-swept, jovial, at-times-tipsy hombre that enjoys dancing cumbias and singing mariachi badly while drinking beer. She is also on the team representing Las Vegas for the inaugural Live in America Festival hosted by The Momentary in Arkansas and taking place June 2022.