Have you met Rebecca Reyes?

Nobody has ever accused APF of being the strong, silent type. Not gonna lie, we’re really the talk-to-much, therapist-on-speed-dial type. So, yeah, here’s a talk I had with Rebecca Reyes.

Rebecca was born in Vegas, she’s as much a fixture of this town as the APF senior staff. Maybe that’s why we dig her; that and her sly grin, (which is clearly hiding a serial-killer mentality that is equal parts sexy and terrifying. Just sayin.) She’s also a paralegal at Lagomarsino Law Office, which means she manages to have a respectable career outside of the theater, sort of a must these days. She once told me that even with her full time job, theater is still a focus of her life. So she continues to audition or act in short films or even make her own. “That’s my next favorite creative hobby,” she says. “Other than acting.”

So I asked her what she was working on right now.

Right now, I’m performing in Clown Bar at Majestic. I get to play a killer clown in a tutu and bleed glitter.

Why does NONE of that surprise me?

It’s actually a lot of fun! I’m also at the same time rehearsing for Hair also at Majestic. In between that and work, I’m preparing for an audition with Public Fit.

That sounds like a lot…

Who needs sleep, right?!


Photo by Richard Brusky
Rebecca in A Public Fit’s The Realistic Joneses from last spring

So what do you think about theater in Vegas right now?

When I started doing theatre in college, I felt like there weren’t a lot of acting options outside of college, and if there were, I didn’t hear about them. Now, there are so many wonderful companies and I feel like it’s easy for actors to find information about these companies. UNLV is even working with local theatre companies, which I think is great. Right now, we have such a great mix of shows being produced. I feel like every theatre company offers something different. You don’t have carbon copy companies, everyone has their own thing and I think that is helpful to bring more people to the theatre, there is literally something for everybody.

As you see it, is that the big difference in the Vegas art community between now and years past?

It has definitely become more art friendly. I remember going to First Friday before Zappos was in town. It was a little scary, fun, but scary. Growing up in Las Vegas, I don’t remember downtown being such a hub for theatre, yes, there was theatre, but now it just seems more so than ever. Downtown in general has gotten a facelift and I’m really happy about that. A lot of people tend to talk negatively about Vegas, but it’s my home, always has been, and I guess I’m able to find all the things about it that I love and focus on that. I have met so many wonderful people here and I meet more and more of them every day. I’ve not only made friends through theatre, but family #rarity #ponylife.

I don’t even know what that last part means.

You’re like a thousand years old.

Excellent point. So what do you wish there were more of here in town?

Support. I wish we supported each other more. I also wish we could find a way to bring more “non-theatre” people to the theatre. I think a lot of people right now are worried about day-to-day things, such as existing, working, stuff like that. How do we make theatre important to someone who has other things to worry and focus on, how do we use theatre to help them? How can we use theatre as a means for community betterment, rather than a selfish way to have fun and experience catharsis? I guess that is what I struggle with the most.

What is?

Is what I’m doing as a performer important? Am I helping people or should I be doing something else to help humanity. Do I act for me or for others? And who is to say that acting for yourself is bad? I don’t know. I grew up in a practical house, acting was not viewed as a useful talent. I hope that we give something back to the people who watch our shows and I hope that in some way it makes their life better, otherwise why are we doing it?

Well, why ARE we doing it? What’s your favorite part about it?

The variety, the people, and the energy. This is a town that has a lot of different things to offer, the theatre community has a lot of variety. The friends I’ve made through theatre and their stories, the energy of the city.

I get it. In closing, let’s make a quick list. In no particular order, tell me the 10 reasons why I’m clearly the greatest director you’ve even had the outrageous privilege of working with. Okay, go.

  1. His hair
  2. Goth Night (This is a reference to the night I made our entire cast and crew, as well as the APF staff go dancing at a local Goth night after a particularly grueling 10 hour technical rehears. Good idea or greatest idea ever? You decide…)
  3. His hair
  4. Fancy coffee orders that come with a garden on a plate
  5. His hair
  6. Puppies
  7. His hair
  8. He can build things
  9. His hair
  10. His hair again

Thanks, beautiful Pony. We are lucky to have you as an APF actor, and Vegas is better with you in it.



If you want to see Rebecca Reyes wear a tutu and bleed glitter (and who DOESN’T??) then make sure you catch Clown Bar at Majestic Rep, opening tonight. Here’s the scoop: