Director of Education – Kopy Kopatich

Kopy Kopatich is the creator and founder of the High School Jesters Improv League in the Clark County School District and is in the process of expanding the program to other states. He began his study of the art of improvisation at the world’s largest chain of improv comedy performance centers: ComedySportz in Milwaukee (the birthplace of ComedySportz).  Upon leaving Milwaukee, Kopy came to Las Vegas and created what is now Las Vegas’s Longest Running Improv Comedy Company under his brand, Jest Serendipity.  He and Jest Serendipity have held several residencies on The Strip and work many private and corporate events both locally and nationally. As the Director of Education for A Public Fit, Kopy will be incorporating themes from APF productions into his improvisational work with students, whether through improvising dramatic scenes, parody, or something entirely new.