The Playwright’s Tirade

The Playwright’s Fit is a playwriting workshop designed to create a safe environment for writers to explore and develop new works.  Whether you are a seasoned writer looking to polish a nearly completed script or a new writer looking to develop a brilliant idea, TPF sets the stage with a friendly and constructive atmosphere.  Once a month, TPF will bring professional actors together with writers to hear scripts read aloud with bold, naturalistic choices.  Following each reading a moderated discussion will ensue in which the playwright’s concerns and questions regarding that section of the script will be addressed.  The ultimate goal is to encourage writers to continue writing and to clear a path to having more original works produced. 

The evening is free and will be open to anyone who wishes to attend; writers, directors, actors, producers, or theater enthusiasts. 

TPF will meet on the second Sunday of each month it is performed at 7:00 pm.
(Please note that our first workshop with be on a Wednesday at 6pm!)

We will meet at the Usual Place located at 100 S, Maryland Parkway. (Just off Fremont st.) 


Up to a maximum of 6 scripts will be read each night. 

Each reading will consist of 10-15 pages of either a full script or sections of a scene. Length will be determined by the number of participants and volume of dialogue. 

Writers interested in participating, must submit material to Mark Gorman at, 

Material must be submitted no later than Thursday night prior to the readings. 

Scripts are chosen on a first come first serve basis. 

Re-writes are strongly encouraged and may be submitted multiple times. Re-writes are still subject to the guidelines above.