Outburst – Stories of the Unexpected

February 28th, 2018 at 7:30 pm – Stories of the Unexpected

The Usual Place | 100 S. Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV 89101

Do you remember that time when your life on track and you were in control? Then without warning, fate intervened, and everything changed! It happens to all of us. Sometimes the end result is funny. Sometimes it’s poignant. And sometimes you’re just happy to still be around to tell the story!
Expect an evening of the unexpected when five speakers share TRUE stories of the astonishing moments that altered their lives.

Our Lineup is as follows:

Marcus Weiss

“Incidental Stardom.”

An adorable Facebook post evolves into a budding Hollywood career. Through a series of arguably coincidental events, a young boy cuddles up to stardom.

Karla Huntsman


A story of how the layers of someone’s life remain unseen until something unexpected happens to force a deeper look.

Richard Munchkin

“What Happens in Vegas” 

A story from the World Series of Poker in 1979.

Thaisa Monteiro

“Getting Caught with a Foot in Your Mouth”

This is the story of a girl in love with martial arts who’s faced a few challenges in her athletic career.

Tim Cummings

“It Is What It Is”

An unexpected decision changes the future.


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February 28th, 2018 @ 07:30pm to 09:43pm

Outburst – Stories of the Unexpected