Outburst V – Lemons to Lemonade

November 3, 2018 at 7:30 pm – Join us for The Hullabaloo at 6:30pm! We will be serving hors d’oeuvres  and wine! 

PublicUs | 1126 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101

We all know sometimes things don’t work out as planned. For instance, the renovation of your theater space takes twice as long you hoped! But things work out in the end. Our fall Outburst delves into those instances in which our storytellers were able to turn lemons into lemonade. 

The purest, most ancient form of theatre began with storytelling. A Public Fit Theatre Company assembles a collection of unique storytellers from across the Las Vegas Valley to entertain, inform, and spark the imagination. Celebrate the human experience with an evening of true stories told by the people that lived them. Is this theatre, or something even closer to the heart?

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Our Speakers!

Andrea Goeglein

Andrea Goeglein, PhD, formally known as Andrea Mary Donatella Terzano, is an enthusiastic Nevadan.  Nevada has been her home for 26 of the last 38 years.  Andrea’s day-job is as a Success Catalyst where she gets to work with people who want to develop their next set of goals driven by their values and powered by love.  She is the author and curator of the Don’t Die series of inspirational books.  The lemonade she will share tonight is from her latest book, Don’t Die Waiting to be Brave.

Tonight, Andrea shares a story you won’t read in the Catholic bulletin, but one she hopes will help you use the lemons of your life to find your voice, use your voice respectfully, and never resist but always persist.

Jason Nious

Jason Nious is an actor, circus performer, teaching artist and founding director of Molodi, an experiment in body percussion.  Born into the military lifestyle, he’s been traveling his entire life.   His curiosity of culture is the driving force behind every project he creates.  Big thanks to the Outburst…this is his first foray into public storytelling!

Jason’s story describes his experiences as a performer on the Las Vegas Strip and the day that job changed his life.

Daniel Kucan

Daniel Kucan has worked in the theater for 40 years, mostly in New York and Los Angeles. He is the associate artistic director of A Public Fit, and is the Artist in Residence for Shakespeare Santa Monica in Los Angeles.

Daniel Kucan tells about how a rough turn of events lead him to his best day ever.

Jasmine Kojouri

Jasmine is a teacher by day and an artist by late afternoon. She is currently in rehearsals for Incognito with A Public Fit and performs regularly with ComedySportz Las Vegas, Vegas Theatre Hub House Improv Team “Uncle Crimson”, One Take Musical Improv, and can often be found in a Funkyard jam at ReBAR.

Jasmine will tell her story on teaching, learning, dolphins, and changing the world.

Daz Waller

Daz Weller is an Australian Director and Actor and has lived in Las Vegas since 2010 where he is the Artistic Director of Cockroach Theatre Company. He has worked extensively in the theatre in Australia and Las Vegas and was last seen at APF as Pato Dooley in The Beauty Queen of Leeanne.  When he’s not making theatre, Daz loves to turn off his phone and go camping with his family, where he has perfected the art of baking sourdough bread in hot coals.

From a young age Daz knew he wanted to be a parent, but for a closeted, gay kid in growing up in semi-rural Australia the possibility of this ever happening seemed slim if not impossible.