A Summons from the Tinker

This production took place on October 15th – November 1st, 2015
The Usual Place | 100 S. Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV 89101

Set in the seedy, secret lair of the 1930’s criminal underground, A Summons from the Tinker… transforms audiences into a kangaroo court of thieves and hoodlums who have captured – and will now judge – a despicable murder suspect. But is he a dangerous killer or an innocent rube? The membership will determine his fate! Don’t miss this theatrical re-telling of Fritz Lang’s 1931 film noir classic “M”. Once you’ve joined the membership, you’ll never be the same!

A new play based upon Fritz Lang’s classic film and an original concept by Brian Kral.

This performance featured Christopher Brown as Tinker, Scott McAdam as Peder/Cop, Ken Kucan as Carl, Kelli Andino as Beatrice, Joseph Kucan as Hankel, Ranson Lewis as Thilo, Mark Gorman as Hans Beckert, Rebecca Reyes as Elsie Beckmann, Tina Rice as Greta, Kate St-Pierre as Dot, Timothy Cummings as Lohman/Felix, and Matthew Bidart, Connor Haley, David “Pepper” Herrera, Thaisa Monteiro as Ensemble.

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