Kirk Stowers

Kirks Stowers

“Through theater, I seek to meet characters I could never hope to meet; hear stories I could never hope to hear; live lives I could otherwise never hope to live.”  – Kirk Stowers

Like all good Nevadans, Kirk’s first experience with the state was when his Midwestern parents unwittingly stopped for lunch in 1971 at the Green Lantern brothel in Ely, Nevada during their move from Illinois to Las Vegas. Thus started Kirk’s 43 year love affair with the Silver State.  He first took the stage at age 7 in UNLV’s production of A Doll’s House and was subsequently a member of the Rainbow Company Children’s Theatre Ensemble from 1977 to 1987.  Fearing that his acting chops were insufficient to merit the bankrolling and subsequent default on the loans for an undergraduate theater degree, Kirk made the logical choice to become a geologist, a career with affords him the unbridled and fanatic adulation that one cannot reasonably expect from a successful entertainment profession.  (Kirk would like to thank the good folks at Harvard University for the undergraduate degree making all of that possible.)  Recognizing the need for a professional theater company in Las Vegas, understanding the talent and commitment of A Public Fit’s artistic team, and with the full support of a team of psychotherapists, Kirk agreed to become the Chairman of the Board for APF at its inception in 2013. Kirk shares the vision of the APF staff which believes that Las Vegas is awash with talent underutilized in the more sensational entertainment offerings on the Strip. He is committed to making A Public Fit the premier theater in Las Vegas and, with the hubris of all artists, an internationally recognized theater company.  When he is not pestering people for money to make good on these theatrical promises, Kirk enjoys river rafting, running endurance races, embarrassing his two daughters in public, and handing out his glossy APF business card to anyone that will take one. He has also committed to providing personalized, guided geological hikes in Southern Nevada to anyone that donates $5,000 or more to A Public Fit, a value of such staggering scope that, citing inside information and anticipating at least 52 weekends of hiking a year, Kirk’s cardiologist has taken out multiple insurance policies on his life.