John Bernstein

“Act well your part; there all the honor lies.” Alexander Pope. This was a favorite quote of my wife Maureen’s when she was a High School theatre teacher and she used it on all her theatre posters. I have taken this quote to heart as I see the many talents, including my own, supporting A Public Fit Theatre Company and satisfyingly watch as we all act our individual parts so well, including the audiences we serve, in continuing to bring A Public Fit Theatre to life in the community we love. – John Bernstein

In concert with other board members and staff of A Public Fit Theatre, John brings a deep love and passion for the theatrical, singing, and mimetic arts with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Cum Laude from Brooklyn College Theatre. He entered the New York acting scene an accomplished actor, singer, and mime working in Experimental theatre with such groups as La Mama Experimental Theatre Group with Ellen Stewart and The Wooster Group with Elizabeth LeCompte. As a singer, John worked with the All City High School Chorus, the Brooklyn College Chorus, The Gilbert and Sullivan Players, as well as The New York City Choir under the direction of John L. Motley. His background in mime includes work with The American Mime Theatre, The Moni Yakim Mime Theatre, and The Mimika Mime Theatre. After 10 years in theatre, John continued his love of music and entertainment through Radio Media sales, sales management, event marketing, promotions, and merchandising with CBS radio in music and talk radio formats. In addition to his radio career, John worked in Las Vegas with the Rainbow Children’s Theatre Company with Karen McKenny, New West Theatre Company with Brian Kral and Ann Marie Pereth, The Nevada Theatre Company with Deanna Duplechain, and The Nevada Conservatory Theatre at UNLV with Robert Brewer both as an actor and as a member of the board of advisors. John also enhanced his Spiritual awareness with training in Kabbalah, The American Book of the Dead, and Shinto among others. John is grateful to have come out of semi-retirement to work with A Public Fit Theatre.