Have you met Rebecca Reyes?

Nobody has ever accused APF of being the strong, silent type. Not gonna lie, we’re really the talk-to-much, therapist-on-speed-dial type. So, yeah, here’s a talk I had with Rebecca Reyes. Rebecca was born in Vegas, she’s as much a fixture of this town as the APF senior staff. Maybe that’s why we dig her; that […]

Are we the result of our actions, or is the true sense of our own selves merely a result of others’ memories of us? And if there is no one to remember us, then what are we?

The following was a letter we received from a longtime collaborator and artist whom we hold very dear, the extremely talented actor/director/teacher Jane Walsh. She sent us this after our last reading of the 2016-17 season, Incognito. As part of our mission, A Public Fit has a talkback after every performance or reading that we […]

Random Thoughts on Julius Trump

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