APF produces ALVIE to benefit HopeLink

When Vegas shut down, it was devastating to everyone. However, no industry has been harder hit than the entertainment industry. While the casinos are opening, the showrooms are dark. Off-strip theaters are still shuttered. Thousands of actors, dancers, and acrobats are unemployed.   But, art will always find a way. Theatre companies have turned to online […]

APF, COVID, & Behind the Buzz

Let’s talk about the future. To be honest, over here at APF headquarters we all thought that this would be over by now.  Nevada moved quickly and, as with most of the country, shut down nearly all business and industry back in mid-March.  We quarantined and isolated and worked together to “flatten the curve”, halt the spread […]

Remainder of the APF 2019-2020 season

To our APF friends, family and familiars: Let’s talk about the pandemic. Along with the rest of the world, we watched as global events encroached and slowly engulfed our everyday lives.  We struggled to accept the new vocabulary:  “social distancing,” “self-isolation,” “community spread.”  As none of these phrases are conducive to APF’s main mission in life – […]

New voices? Sure. New passion? Now you’re talking…

Adriana is an MFA physical/experimental theater director/visual artist, actor, hired ninja killer. As far as I’m concerned, she represents the future of theater. But that’s how we roll. We asked Adriana to direct this months reading. No one has looked back since. DCK     Here’s Adriana:   Me, direct a staged reading?! For A […]

What do you do when you lose an actor after you’ve painstakingly built your cast? You take a deep breath, and take a big risk.

    Coco Lane Rigbye is an Aussie studying theater at UNLV. She has a couple degrees already from CSN and is a staple in the local music and theater scene around town. I spoke with her about joining us for The Elephant Man. Here is what she had to say.   DCK     […]