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The Birth of Atrocity (A response to “Daniel is Always Wrong”) by Lee Scrivner

Today’s blog post was kindly written by Lee Scrivner. Dr. Scrivner is a writer and academic from Las Vegas, who has written extensively about literature, technology, and insomnia. He has taught at UNLV, the University of London, Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, and American University in Washington, DC. He currently lives in Amman, Jordan with his wife and children. […]

Daniel Is Always Wrong

An Ongoing Conversation between Joe and Daniel Kucan    DANIEL: I’ve always been a little more into political theater than you have, I think. But I’m completely frozen in regards to the jackass who just shot up our hometown. Do we do something? Do we make a piece of theater? What role, if any, do […]

I know a guy who likes to gleeful pronounce that “Theater is dead!” in the rounded tones of his fake, transatlantic speech affectation.

He thinks it makes him sound hip and cynical, I suspect. Whatever, man, he’s a theater guy. But a new article in Forbes would, um, support otherwise. Forbes is doing what Forbes does; basically breaking everything down to dollars and cents. But when the numbers are this big, it’s hard to argue with the details. […]

Are we the result of our actions, or is the true sense of our own selves merely a result of others’ memories of us? And if there is no one to remember us, then what are we?

The following was a letter we received from a longtime collaborator and artist whom we hold very dear, the extremely talented actor/director/teacher Jane Walsh. She sent us this after our last reading of the 2016-17 season, Incognito. As part of our mission, A Public Fit has a talkback after every performance or reading that we […]