General auditions for our 19-20 Season will take place the first weekend in August 2019:

  • Saturday, Aug 3, 9am – 6pm
  • Sunday, Aug 4, 9am – 1pm

An audition form is REQUIRED in order to schedule an audition. Appointments are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED; walk-ins will only be seen if time permits.

Callbacks, if necessary, will be BY INVITATION ONLY on Aug 4 & 5.


  • Interested parties will conscientiously & thoroughly complete an audition form. Once received, a staff member will respond with further details.
  • Head shots & resumes are encouraged but not required. We prefer digital copies; please conserve our resources where possible. Instructions regarding how to supply them are provided in response to a completed audition form. If you’ve submitted these items previously, please tell us; we’re happy to check our archives.
  • Performers should read the play(s) that interest them and be prepared to discuss it/them if asked.
  • Video submissions are accepted. Be advised that they will be screened by an APF staff member and MADE AVAILABLE to the appropriate director(s) who will then choose if/when they will be reviewed at that level. If it’s necessary for you to submit one, please specify so on your completed audition form.


We are planning 3 mainstage productions. We are currently seeking performers for the open roles listed below (the list will be updated only if necessary). Productions typically rehearse for 6 weeks, tech for 1 week and perform for 3-4 weeks. Most roles, if offered, result in a paid contract, the amount of which is dependent on the size of the role &/or the experience of the performer. AEA members, if cast, are contracted under the Special Appearance Agreement.

  • August: Osage County by Tracy Letts, directed by Ann-Marie Pereth (Autumn 2019)
  • A Steady Rain by Keith Huff, directed by Erik Amblad (Winter 2020)
  • Sense & Sensibility by Kate Hamill, directed by Ann-Marie Pereth & Joseph Kucan (Spring 2020)


Rehearsals: September & October, 2019

Performances: Oct 25 – Nov 17, 2019; 15 performances

Available roles:


Rehearsals: March & April, 2020

Performances: May 1 – 24, 2020; 17 performances

Available roles:

  • One performer (typically female) to play the following roles:
    • Fanny Dashwood – Woman, 30s-40s
    • Lucy Steele – Woman, 20s-30s
    • Lady Middleton* – Woman, 40s-50s
    • Gossip**
  • One performer (typically female) to play the following roles:
    • Mrs. Dashwood – Woman, 50s
    • Anne Steele – Woman, 20s
    • Possibly Lady Middleton* – Woman, 40s-50s
    • Gossip**

* Lady Middleton’s character is played by multiple performers throughout the play.

** Gossips are played by multiple performers throughout the play and are often called upon to physically move scenic elements &/or other performers.


Rehearsals: Late December, 2019 – January, 2020

Performances: Feb 7 – 23, 2020; 12 performances

No roles available


Performers should familiarize themselves with ALL of the GENERAL side(s) appropriate for the role(s) in which they are interested; they may be asked to read from any/all of them. For the initial audition, s/he should choose ONE from among those appropriate sides to read; we trust performers to choose the side that best presents what they can bring to possible roles. We will provide a partner to read against. Memorization is not required, but performers should be familiar enough to offer strong choices and take direction.

Please use the links above to access individual sides (click on the role).

The calendar & character information above is also available for easy printing/saving as PDF documents below. Use the links above for sides.


These projects are handled differently. Directors for each reading are responsible for their own casting. These directors are welcome to be present at our general auditions, or they may choose to cast their project in some other manner. Staged readings typically rehearse for an average of 40-50 hours over the course of the calendar month at the end of which they perform. ALL personnel involved are VOLUNTEERS.

  • The Ghosts of Lote Bravo by Hilary Bettis, directed by Adriana Chavez (September 2019)
  • Cry It Out by Molly Smith Metzler, directed by Jasmine Kojouri (January 2020)
  • The Children by Lucy Kirkwood, directed by Barbara Brennan (March 2020)
  • Last Night and the Night Before by Donnetta Lavinia Grays, directed by Jason Nious (June 2020)

If you are interested in performing ONLY in one or more of our readings, please fill out an audition form and use the appropriate fields to indicate your limited interest. APF staff will notify the relevant director(s) and forward your contact information.


This is how your name would appear in marketing copy & programs.
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mm/dd/yyyy - Enter "n/a" if you are of legal age. If you are a MINOR, you are also required to provide the info requested in the "Minor Information" section below.
Please provide your GUARDIAN'S CONTACT INFORMATION (name, phone number, email).
If you have a strong preference for a specific window, please make note of it in the space provided regarding conflicts.
While conflicts may include any number of circumstances (such as: jobs, job searches, vampiric hobbies, classes, personal convictions, vacations, visitations, high-maintenance partners, planned appointments, shape-shifting curses, childcare difficulties, inability to read a clock, transportation issues, etc.), you should ONLY list those that CANNOT be altered to accommodate a rehearsal &/or performance schedule.
Notification of conflicts after the completion of auditions (&/or the offering of roles) will not be acceptable and could result in termination of offer/contract. Please make the effort to be thorough now, especially regarding your schedule. You are only required to indicate that you are not available on specific dates/days/times (example: "M-F, n/a until 6pm; Oct 12-14; possibly n/a Feb 2-5"). You will have the opportunity to amend your response at the time of your audition.
This acts as a digital signature attesting that the information provided is true & accurate. If this entry does NOT match the one above, we will assume that you are not human and DISREGARD THIS APPLICATION.