A Public Fit Theatre Company Auditions

We will be holding auditions for our 2018-2019 Season Aug 10-12, 2018. If you are interested in participating, please review the Character & Calendar Breakdowns (linked below) then complete and submit your required audition form (keep scrolling, it’s on this page). Appointments via the required form are very much preferred; walk-ins are extremely difficult to accommodate and are not guaranteed to be seen.

General auditions will be held on Aug 10 & 11. Callbacks on Aug 12 are BY INVITATION ONLY.

18-19 Character Breakdown

18-19 Calendar Breakdown

ALSO CONSIDER…  To make yourself known to Las Vegas’s theatrical/performance community at large (or if your schedule conflicts with our audition dates), check out the Las Vegas Theatre Alliance auditions being held Aug 3-4. APF will be present along with many other companies looking for talent.


Performers, you should familiarize yourselves with ALL the GENERAL side(s) appropriate for the role(s) in which you are interested; you may be asked to read from any/all of them. For your initial audition, you choose ONE from among those appropriate sides to read; we trust you to choose the side that best presents what you can bring to possible roles. We will provide a partner to read against. Memorization is not required, but you want to be familiar enough to offer strong choices and take direction. Also, please be sure to read the play(s) that interest you and be prepared to discuss it/them if asked.

If you are invited to participate in CALLBACKS, you will need to familiarize yourself with ALL sides appropriate to the character(s) for which you are invited to read whether specified “general” or “callbacks.”

The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance

Small Mouth Sounds by Bess Wohl

Buried Child by Sam Shepard


Sorry to those who may have been interested, but the role of Vince is no longer available.

STAGED READINGS  Auditions for those interested ONLY in readings are handled differently. Completed audition forms ARE required (use the “role preference” field to indicate your specific interest) . Sides are NOT provided.  Each reading has its own director who is responsible for his/her own casting. See below to find out whether or not the director for the reading(s) that are of interest to you will be present at auditions.

If your interest is in a reading for which the director is present, you should choose from among the available sides the one with which you can present yourself to your best advantage. You decide whether this means a similar character, similar situation, &/or simply the one side that lets you “leave it all on the floor” so to speak.

If your interest is in a reading for which the director is not present (or you are unavailable when s/he is present), your submitted audition materials will be compiled and presented to the director(s) individually; you will NOT be scheduled during our general auditions. If the director(s) are interested in seeing you, they will contact you independently to arrange an audition/interview. Please note that if the staged reading is some months out, it may be some time before the director(s) begin their casting process.

  • No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre, directed by Mark Gorman (performance September 2018) – Mark will be present on Saturday afternoon.
  • Appropriate by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, directed by Scottie Scott (performance January 2019) – Scottie will be present Friday evening after 7pm and all day Saturday. (Click here for a small sample of the script that includes the playwright’s character descriptions.)
  • Three Tall Women by Edward Albee, directed by Barbara Brennan (performance March 2019) – Barbara will be present on both Friday & Saturday.
  • Consent by Nina Raine, directed by Andrew Calvert (performance June 2019) – Andrew is unable to join us.

Audition Form

Please indicate who/what we are reaching if we call this number.
mm/dd/yyyy - Enter "n/a" if you are of age. If you are a MINOR, you are also required to provide the info requested in the "Minor Information" section below.
Please provide your GUARDIAN'S CONTACT INFORMATION (name, phone number, email).
Conflicts may include, but are not limited to: jobs, job searches, vampiric hobbies, classes, personal convictions, vacations, visitations, high-maintenance partners, planned appointments, shape-shifting curses, childcare difficulties, inability to read a clock, transportation issues, etc. (If you are unavailable Aug 10-11, there is a community-wide audition event being planned for Aug 3-4. Look for details online about Las Vegas Theatre Alliance.)
Notification of conflicts after the completion of auditions (&/or the offering of roles) will not be acceptable and could result in termination of offer/contract. Please make the effort to be thorough now, especially regarding your schedule. You are only required to indicate that you are not available on specific dates/days/times (example: "M-F, n/a until 6pm; Oct 12-14; possibly n/a Feb 2-5"). You will have the opportunity to amend your response at the time of your audition.